Male and Female Anal Plug Vibrate Massager

Remote Anal Vibrator
Love would act completely without scruple
Easy to control,single cilck to change vibration modes
New upgrade vibration motor
12 kinds of frequency with you hey earthshaking

Detials about Male and Female Anal Plug Vibrate Massager

Details about Male and Female Anal Plug Vibrate Massager
Male Anal Plug Vibrating Massager not only reduces the danger of everything from prostatitis to prostate cancer while also boosting erectile function and seminal fluid circulation, but it also feels great!
Vibrations at multiple speeds:-With a whopping ten massage modes for the most intense orgasms ever! Simply adjust the strength to your preferences.
Two incredibly powerful vibrating motors:-Dual motors in the base and tip provide double the focused stimulation, hitting your P spot like nothing else!
Designed especially with water-resistant silicone to ensure a full massage on your sensitive bits even in the water!
Rechargeable by USB:-For ease of use, it’s USB rechargeable. Playing in an environmentally responsible manner allows you to satisfy your cravings whenever and wherever you choose.

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