G Point Vibrating Female Sex Product

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Detials about G Point Vibrating Female Sex Product

1.Made of 100% Ultra-Premium pure platinum-cure Silicone,safe for your body.

2.Dual density design,combined with Soft silicone outer layer and a firm inner core/ hard muscle core,truly feels real.

3.Soft but extremely durable.Use it, abuse it, lose it Or, wash it, ride it and reuse it

4.Phthalate Free, hypoallergenic.

5.Highly textured nature , skin texture, pores, veins, and wrinkles looks and feels lifelike.


7.Non-porous and hygienic,easy to clean, and healthy for the body.

8.Dildos are Boilable and freezable for easy cleaning or for extra fun hot or cold sensations.

9.Sunction cup base is super strong for creative exploration use for your shower wall,sofa, headboard or flat or curve surface you want to.

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