Personal Wand Massager Wholesale China

The Wand Massager Large Edition is a premium powerful multi-function massage tool designed to meet all your massage needs.With USB charging and a luxury travel bag included, it is fantastic to use anywhere and everywhere

Detials about Personal Wand Massager Wholesale China

• Relax with the super quiet massager which has 10 different vibration modes. Whether you want a relaxing massage experience or a deep tissue massage, the electric massager wand will leave you feeling very satisfied and relaxed. Perfect personal massager for women, men and couples.
• Portable weight designed to cope with modern day standards, in only 2 hours the powerful battery is fully charged. It also makes it more convenient for you to use when away from home. The discreet design of the hand massager and the perfect fitting pouch makes it great for packing away in your luggage to take on your travels too. Simply charge and enjoy many hours of use wherever you are.

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